Cheesy Reads Done Right

For many, there’s no such thing as a “book lovers day,” because every day is for books. Nevertheless, books deserve a day of extra celebration. We picked five great reads* from Greenlight Bookstore, and asked our head cheesemonger, Emilia D’Albero, to match a cheese to each book. After all, what’s as complex, surprising, addictive, and endlessly enjoyable as books, if not cheese?

The Astonishing Life of August March by Aaron Jackson x Crown Finish Caves Gatekeeper (cow and sheep milk with cream)

Made by Old Chatham Creamery in upstate NY, aged at Crown Finish Caves in Crown Heights. Like August March, Gatekeeper is a little oddball (washed in funky unfiltered Graft cider) that "comes of age" in New York City, as it is aged in caves under the streets of Brooklyn.

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons x Colston Bassett Stilton (pasteurized cow)

Made exclusively for Neal's Yard Dairy in England, this Stilton is an iconic English cheese, with vibrant blue-green veins that mimic the emotional twists and turns of Flora's time spent with her relatives on the farm.

The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi x Manchego El Trigal 18 Month (raw sheep, Spain)

Like the protagonist Vivek, there is more to this Manchego than meets the eye. You might think you know Manchego, but this 18-month raw milk cheese's flavors are complex and layered, like Akwaeke Emezi's storytelling. Guaranteed to keep you snacking until you turn the last page!

Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken x Secret de Compostelle with Truffles (raw sheep, France) (Available in-store)**

Throughout the story, bits of Bertha's identity and personality are revealed, like the flecks of truffle sprinkled throughout this cheese. Her legacy is both unique and iconic, as is Secret de Compostelle, a modern iteration of one of France's most notable cheeses, Ossau Iraty.

Love & Theft by Stan Parish x Burrata (cow milk + cream)

Everyone loves a good romantic thriller, especially one that is full of luxury, mystery and glamour; what is more decadent and luxurious than a fresh, handmade burrata? Romance novels and burrata are both excellent guilty pleasures, making them the perfect pairing. The creamy stracciatella spills out like Alex's secrets, but the only danger here is that it's so delicious, you might overindulge and end up with a stomach ache!

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