From Beer To Shining Beer: American Craft Beer Week Pt 1

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that small local breweries brew it better. No shade to the Budweisers and Modelos of the world (okay, some shade, given the company behind Modelo has contributed to massive water shortages in Mexico), but homegrown breweries and taprooms making small batch beers have all the character and flavor we look for when we’re in the mood for a good drink. Honestly, we think if more people tried craft beers, they’d enjoy beer for what it is a lot more! That’s why we’re happy to celebrate American Craft Beer Week, a celebration of all the small breweries in the USA. We tapped Beer Buyer Brian Cullen for some of his American craft beer picks, and asked him about each. 

Zero Gravity Madonna

If I could have this beer on the shelf at all times I would. An all Vermont double IPA, this beer is everything that I look for in an IPA. Sitting at 8%, it's rich but not overbearing, hazy, and just the right amount of juicy. This beer encapsulates everything that's great about New England IPAs.

Transmitter W9

Of course I have to show Transmitter some love on this list. This is one of their newest brews, a gose conditioned with whole plums. The plums play perfectly off of the natural saltiness of a gose, giving it just the right balance of tartness. This is an absolutely wonderful springtime sour. 

Abomination Rotting Earth 2021

Abomination are regularly pushing the bar with their stouts and IPAs, and this 2021 rendition of their classic Rotting Earth is no different.  This is a beast of a DIPA, sitting at 9.3%, and hopped with six different hop varieties. This one is equal parts bitter and juicy, perfect for anyone looking for huge flavor out of their IPAs.

Prarie Vape Tricks

This one is as delicious as it's name is funny. A sour ale brewed with cherries, this is another one of my springtime favorites. This one is about as crispy as sours come, super tart with tons of cherry flavor, and it pours a really lovely color.