Transmitting Hop Coordinates Now: Q&A with Rob Kolb

In the spirit of American Craft Beer Week—a weeklong celebration of small, independent, and local craft breweries across the US—we’re getting as independent and local as we can, and for us, that means lifting a glass to Transmitter Brewing. (Yes, we even have a cheese washed in a Transmitter farmhouse ale, you're seeing that correctly!) Based out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Transmitter was founded in 2014 by close friends Rob Kolb and Anthony Accardi. It was their love of food and flavor that brought them together, and it was the inspiration behind their first homebrew that launched the Transmitter ship, as it were. What Transmitter became is a brewery that has a unique and delicious take on what beer can be, and that’s saying something in a city as densely packed with excellent breweries as New York. And since we’re in the spirit of craft beer and all the festivities it deserves, we asked Rob Kolb a few questions about his. 

What inspired the founding of Transmitter Brewing?

The lack of any local breweries focusing on classic Belgian and French styles of beer. 

What's something you'd like people to know about your beer or brewery, but don't always get to mention?

Beer wise, we have never brewed an IPA of any kind. Brewery wise, we are located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard which opened in 1801, and served as America's premier naval shipbuilding facility for 165 years.

What's the best part of being a New York brewery? 

Being in New York City  surrounded by 8 million people that have a chance to try our beer as well as being part of the vibrant NYC beer scene that includes over 20 breweries.

What's your favorite Transmitter beer, past and present? 

Oh man, do I have to pick? Currently loving the S8 Rice Saison and L4 Marzen, and F4 Farmhouse will always be one of my favorites.