Going Whole Hog: Whole Animal Gift Cards

This Memorial Day weekend won’t quite be like others, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a lonely one! Send a gift card to a neighbor—or grace a friend’s grill with the Whole Animal Gift Card! 

The Whole Animal Gift Card is a crash course in whole animal butchery, inviting you or a lucky recipient to taste their way through the different cuts that come from a whole hog or whole steer. Our Whole Animal Menu will give you the rundown, while our expert butchers will fill you in on the details. We happen to think this is a pretty delicious way to learn! 

What is Whole Animal Butchery? 

From nose to toes, our butchers break down whole animals, doing their best to eliminate waste along the way. Our Head Butcher, Lena Diaz, even showed Molly Baz of Bon Appetit just how we do it. This approach offers many benefits, the most important of which is sustainability. Farmers don’t just raise pork chops and brisket, they raise whole pigs and steers. Using the entire animal creates less food waste and helps us build a more sustainable food system overall. 

Additionally, ordering a whole entire animal directly from a farm provides a more transparent supply chain—we know exactly where the meat is coming from. We choose the farms we work with based on quality, humane handling practices, and commitment to sustainable land use. We can guarantee that each animal we break down lives up to these standards. Not least of all, whole animal butchery offers a great deal of variety! Our Whole Animal Card is a passport to exploring each subprimal layer of a steer or pig. For pork, you can try one cut each of the shoulder, loin, belly, and ham. Our steer card includes one cut of chuck, brisket & shank, plate, rib, short loin, sirloin, and round.

Delicious from top to bottom, these steers and pigs are pasture-raised and ready to show you the range and importance of local, grass-fed whole animal butcher. At $100 – $150 per card, this gift is a great value that won’t steer you wrong. These are available for purchase in-store, or buy them online—and yes, we’ll deliver them locally!