What's Grilling On? A Guide to Memorial Day Grilling

Whether you’re a beef maestro, a pork authority, or a plant-based sage, we’ve got everything and anything you’ll want to grill this Memorial Day weekend. (Well, except for corn, but that season is coming up quick!) 

Due to demand, we haven’t been able to offer our short rib burger patties, but the good news is this: Our ground beef, hailing as always from Slope Farm where grass-fed cows roam the hills of Meredith, NY, is the perfect lean-to-fat ratio for the perfect burger. No eggs or breadcrumbs needed here! We suggest trying your hand at Bon Appetit’s take on the smash burger. We like it best with a classic Orwasher’s hamburger bun and some flavorful slices of melty Shelburne aged cheddar, washed down with a tried and true Sixpoint pilsner

Miss our house made sausages? You're in luck! As we've adjusted to our collective new reality, we've begun casing our sausages again, starting today. They'll sell quickly, so get yours while you can! If you miss out—or just want some more sausage to grill up—renowned Upper East Side charcuterier, Schaller & Weber, has just the ticket. The L.E.S Sausage Series combines Schaller & Weber's skill and know-how with the well-honed flavors of classic restauranteurs (remember restaurants?). Choose from Egg Shop's breakfast sausage, made with maple and sage, The Flower Shop Bar & Restaurant's classic Australian "snag", and Café Select's pork and veal milk bratwurst. We suggest plating them up with some fluffy hot dog buns and giving them all a turn on your table this weekend! 

If you’re feeling a little more herbaceous, we’ve stocked up on Beyond Meat’s burger patties and italian sausages. These need little introduction, made with vegan-friendly ingredients like peas, rice, and mung beans. It’s not just that they taste good, as Beyond Meat’s many fans will tell you; the texture can get even the biggest meat lover to ask for seconds! Layer up with butterhead lettuce and local tomatoes on a Port Muffin (a tasty cross between an English muffin and brioche) for a combination with some real plant-based panache. 

Of course, your household will want something to nosh on while the grill is going. Make it a no-brainer and celebrate American Cheese Month with the All-American Cheese Box

See something out of stock on our website? Email us at hello@greenegrape.com and we'll do our best to get it to you!