Let's Talk Turkey: Thanksgiving Sourcing

As we’ve always said, it’s never too early to talk turkey, especially this year when the very concept of Thanksgiving is kind of up in the air. We’re looking forward to plenty of Thanksgivings celebrated whenever and wherever they can, and we’ve got just the birds for the job. 

We pride ourselves on always providing the best we can in every department. But in an industry that prioritizes hefty breast meat over the wellbeing—and flavor—of the animal, we’re especially happy to be able to bring you turkeys, as well as other centerpieces to your holiday table, that make no such compromise. This year, as in the past, our turkeys are coming to us from Goffle Road Poultry Farm. We’ve written about Goffle Road before, of course; our chickens have come from Goffle Road for years. It’s why we trust them to provide us with pastured turkeys that live up to their flavor potential, which in turn makes for a turkey that will be juicy and delicious with crispy skin. Everyone will be clamoring for seconds! 

It has to be said, of course, that not every holiday get-together will be totally face-to-face. Zoomsgiving is the true event of the season, which means in-person dinners might not be able to take on the challenge of a full roast turkey (or a rotisserie turkey from our kitchen). If your head count is lower than usual this year, our butchers are offering turkey breasts and legs to keep serving sizes just right. 

We think Goffle Road’s quality is high, but for those who want just a little *more,* this year we’re also offering turkeys from Greenane Farms. Greenane’s turkeys have a wilder flavor to them, thanks to their omnivorous diet. Foraged food from Greenane’s pastures, like alfalfa sprouts and mealworms, is supplemented with goat milk whey. 

Reserve your bird and more at thanksgiving.greenegrape.com.

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