Q&A With A Pastaficcionado: Scott Ketchum Of Sfoglini Pasta

When it comes to pasta, not just any noodle will do. Sfoglini co-founder Scott Ketchum knows this, which is why Sfoglini is so well-known for high quality, delicious pasta, often made with local grains and inventive ingredients. In honor of one of the most popular foods in the world, we thought we’d ask a few questions about how they improved so well on a classic. 

What inspired the founding of Sfoglini? 

In 2012, my business partner, Steve Gonzalez, had an idea for a pasta restaurant that I was assisting him with. After doing more research we saw a great opportunity to make a premium New York based pasta that would stand out alongside the small batch Italian imported pastas. We found a small spot in Brooklyn to start making the pasta and jumped in with both feet. We ran with the concept and started to expand our offerings to include other unique pastas that we hadn't seen in the marketplace, from specialty grains like Emmer and Rye to seasonal ingredients like Basil and Ramps.

Why ancient grains like einkorn and emmer? What makes them so good in pasta?

We started working with ancient grains as part of our work with the Grow NYC Greenmarket Grains program. This program helps promote grains that are unique to New York State by providing people with different foods to try the grain and become more familiar with the taste. The ancient grains have a very bold flavor that we feel adds depth to many pasta recipes, providing a wealth of flavor that catches people by surprise. 

What's the best part of being a pasta maker? 

Eating pasta almost every day! Great food just makes you happy! (Editor’s note: We’re jealous!) 

What's your favorite pasta that you make?

My favorite shape is our reginetti. It's like a small lasagna noodle or edge that really holds sauce well. The perfect shape for almost any dish. I also love our summer seasonal pastas like Basil and Mint. Great pasta options for a picnic or outdoor BBQ.