Queer Food Producers Deserve Their Own Parade

We couldn’t let Pride Month pass us by without a look at all the amazing LGBTQ+ producers on our shelves here at Provisions! 

Products by queer and LGBT producers. From left to right: City Saucery Ugly Sauce, Coolhaus "Dirty Mint" Ice Cream Sandwich, Diaspora Co Turmeric, Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam Cheese, Shaquanda's Hot Sauce.


What’s cooler than being cool? Coolhaus! They’re a long-time resident in our freezer, their massive ice cream sandwiches easily a treat for two—or for one very ambitious person. They also happen to be founded, owned and operated by a queer couple! Founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller started Coolhaus in 2009, looking to feel represented as young gay women while also making knockout ice cream, and we’d say they’ve accomplished that and more. Fun fact: The name Coolhaus comes from Natasha’s background in studying architecture, a combination of the Bauhaus style and architecture legend Rem Koolhaas. (And what are the cookies in an ice cream sandwich if not a cool house? Eh? Eh? 🥁) 

Cowgirl Creamery

Another one for the married lesbians, Cowgirl Creamery has also been a steadfast part of our inventory—for over a decade! In 1997, when founders Sue Conley and Peggy Smith created Cowgirl Creamery, artisan cheesemaking wasn’t much of anything in the US. The organic, pastured, local milk that Cowgirl Creamery favors was a rarity in stores. These days, new dairies and cheese makers seem to pop up every day, entering an increasingly welcoming industry, and we have Cowgirl Creamery to thank as one of the pioneers of artisan cheesemaking. 

Shaquanda’s Hot Sauce 

Shaquanda’s Hot Sauce may have one of the queerest origin stories of all! Back in 2013, Shaquanda agreed to perform at Bushwig, an annual drag festival, only if she could incorporate food into her act. Once the night was over, Shaquanda and her friends wandered the streets of Bushwick with the remaining hot sauce, serving strangers a flavorful blend of peppers and herbs that didn’t rely on sugar or salt to be good. With such a positive reception, Shaquanda took her opportunity and started bottling her sauce, and the rest is history. We’re proud to now carry Shaquanda’s entire line of hot sauces, including the Bushwig original. 

City Saucery

City Saucery is a family affair, helmed by married couple Michael Marino and Jorge Moret, and Michael’s mother, Nonna Carolina, the mastermind behind their original recipes. Last year, we asked Michael about his journey as an LGBTQ+ producer in the food world, and we think City Saucery’s story is so good you should read it again

Diaspora Co

Last but certainly not least, Diaspora Co is the spice company that’s been making waves for their mission in spice and labor equity, all with undeniable style. Founder Sana Javeri Kadri had her own words to say about what it means to be a queer woman of color making her way in the food industry, particularly in the spice world, and we couldn't be more inspired