She Can Do It: Women-Made Products

It’s no secret that Greene Grape Provisions is a woman-forward company. We’re woman-owned, and we employ women on every level throughout the store from General Manager to cashier. It’s no surprise that in our recent feature of Black-owned products, the majority of those products were made by women—women in food are a force to be reckoned with, and we’re proud to be able to feature even more women-made products as we enter Women’s History Month and approach International Women’s Day. 

SD Sauce

SD Sauce brings the heat and flavor, earning its reputation as one of the best hot sauces in our store, whether original recipe SD Sauce or their Ginger Vegan hot sauce. Made with straightforward, fresh ingredients—fresh enough to need refrigeration—we just can’t get enough! That’s why we had to ask Sutta Saraphum all about SD Sauce in this Q&A

Early Bird 

The early bird might get the worm, but Early Bird Granola gets one better, and that’s being a Greene Grape favorite year after year. Nekisia Davis keeps her Brooklyn roots by operating out of a Red Hook kitchen, but her ambitions aren’t limited to just one borough. She took her small-batch granola from being a side hustle for her day job managing a famous Brooklyn pizzeria to being an international sensation. Her flavors speak for themselves—simple but well-developed, with only a handful of ingredients. 

La Newyorkina

Like many restaurants, Fany Gerson’s La Newyorkina on the Lower East Side had to close its doors thanks to the hardships of the pandemic. And like those restaurants, it’s certainly a loss; La Newyorkina was a young business with potential, serving all things unique and authentic to Fany Gerson’s Mexican heritage. Luckily, those flavors live on in La Newyorkina’s paletitas, in varieties like classic Oaxacan Chocolate, cozy Horchata, and spicy Mango Chile. In this miniature size, these paletitas are the perfect snacking size, though they’re also a little perfect for seconds. (We won’t judge. We can’t judge.) 


There are a lot of jams out there—and if we’re honest, a lot of them are pretty good! But none are special in quite the same way as Brins. Technically, Brins has to call their products spreads because they use less sugar than traditional jams, but we think they’re jammy enough for the title.) Founded in Brooklyn by Candice Ross, she began her jam-making journey with ingredients mailed to her from her mother’s Louisiana garden. Brins excels at flavor combinations you won’t see anywhere else, like Strawberry Lemongrass, Cherry Chai, and even Banana. The banana jam in particular is kind of a sleeper hit, with whole bean vanilla mellowing out the sweetness of the fruit. 

We Rub You

Made in Brooklyn since 2011 by sisters Ann & Janet Chung, We Rub You BBQ Sauce comes straight from their family recipe. Inspired by their Korean immigrant parents, these marinades—or sauce, or dip, or whatever you’d like it to be, really—combine umami flavors with sweet apples, nutty sesame, and tangy ginger and garlic. The soy sauce that forms the base for their marinades is non-GMO and gluten-free, making it easier for everyone to enjoy these Korean BBQ flavors! 

Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen

Auria's Malaysian Kitchen sambals, in either Hot Chili or a refreshing Lime Leaf variety, make dinner a snap as a marinade, sauce, dip, and more. Born and raised in Seremban, Malaysia, founder Auria Abraham couldn’t find anything close to Malaysian cuisine when she arrived in Boston to attend school. She learned Malaysian recipes from her mother over the phone, and eventually perfected her own sambal recipes, which were a hit with her American friends. Her Pandan Kaya—a sweet coconut jam flavored with pandan, a tropical grass that lends floral and herbaceous flavor—is a hit with us in particular, especially slathered on warm toast.