Take It To Go: Must-Have Cans for the Season

With the weather a little touch and go (we’re praying it’s here to stay) you gotta soak up the sun while you can. We’ve got the ultimate guide for no-fuss fun in the sun. This collection of canned craft cocktails has something for everyone, and it’s easy as 1-2-3. Perfect for park and beach hangs or just sipping on your stoop with good friends (or book). And you bet we keep them cold in the store, just ask!

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Cut From a Different Cloth: Cutwater Canned Cocktails

Cutwater was founded by master distiller Yuseff Cherney who started making spirits in the back of his brewery as a way to experiment with new ideas and flavors, even in its earliest days Cutwater was driven by fearless experimentation and commitment to quality. Today, Cutwater still meticulously distills their award-winning portfolio of spirits and canned cocktails.

Tiki Rum Mai Tai

An island paradise is contained in each can of Cutwater Spirits' signature Mai Tai. It starts with a blend of their award-winning barrel-aged rum and Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum. The pineapple and coconut flavors then combine with a unique blend of citrus to balance this bright cocktail with an added level of aged depth. 

Grapefruit Tequila Paloma

Sometimes a simple classic is all you need. Cutwater's Tequila Paloma offers tequila-forward floral notes that are complemented by their crisp, house-made grapefruit soda for an exceptional bright finish.

Tequila Margarita

This canned Margarita puts a south of the border favorite in the palm of your hand. The tequila imparts a floral aroma with a smooth finish that complements flavors of  tart lime, pure cane sugar, and a subtle hint of orange. 

Bee Adventurous: Meridian Hive Mead

Meridian Hive hails from Austin, Texas and specializes in meads. Using only the finest pure honey from their partner apiary, and real fruit they are striving to create a different class of mead beverages that are unique and wholesome while still pushing the boundaries of what mead can do. All their products are 100% gluten free with no ‘fake’ ingredients, or artificial/processed sugars making these excellent alternatives for the gluten sensitive or the beverage cautious. Meridian Hive is also committed to keeping the bee population healthy and thriving. As essential pollinators, declining bee populations threaten agricultural vitality, through their Bee Conscious program they are supporting efforts in bee conservation and getting others involved in the cause.

Blackberry Mead

This blackberry mead is amazingly refreshing, with wholesome blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation.

Peach Mead 

This peach mead is amazingly refreshing. A fruit, spice and orange blossom honey fusion with its distinctive peachy punch and subtle hint of ginger on the finish. Carbonated to perfection! 

Mystical Mead: St. Ambrose Cellars

St. Ambrose Cellars has been making their draft session meads with the utmost care in Beulah, Michigan. These draft-style meads are easy drinking variations upon traditional mead. Aiming to bring a new world contemporary sensibility to an ancient beverage, with a focus on good balance on the palate and sustainable farming and apiary practices. Made with a variety of bold flavors, these meads are based on star thistle honey and have zippy carbonation.

‘Black Madonna’ Sour Blackberry Mead

Deep in the halls of St. Ambrose Cellars, mazers tend to the divine sour culture used to produce this mystical sour draft mead. Featuring blackberry and honey this unique mead is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!

Crafty Classics: Cardinal Spirits 

Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana. Everything used to flavour and distill their award winning spirits are real-deal botanicals, fruits and spices- never bottled extracts or flavourings. Whenever possible Cardinal Spirits sources local ingredients like grains, honey and walnuts. They are a company committed to fostering creativity and connectivity for both their staff and their community. 

Bramble Mule

This refreshing cocktail combines the essence of two classics into one convenient package. The Bramble is a classic citrus and blackberry drink & Mules are generally highballs consisting of a spirit and ginger beer. Bramble Mule is made from a vodka base and has notes of raspberry, lemon, hibiscus and ginger.

Maui Mule

This refreshing cocktail is a ready-to-drink spice fest! A spicy, tiki twist on a classic Moscow Mule. Made with vodka, real passion fruit juice and ginger. All the kick you crave with a little taste of tiki.

The Art of Being Effortless: Sprezza Verro

Sprezza is a collaboration of expertise. The Goal? To make effortless, authentic Italian spritzes available at the tip of your fingers. Teaming up with Scrappy’s Bitters and Mancino Vermouth, Sprezza aims to create a craft beverage that uses only the finest ingredients and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Italy. Dry, bubbly and refreshing these Italian spritzes are simply made - using only vermouth, bitters, mineral water and carbonation, choosing to focus instead on using artisanally crafted, authentic ingredients. Gluten-free.

Sprezza Rosso

Dry, bubbly and refreshing. Fresh citrus and acidity wrapped by a glint of caramel, rhubarb, juniper, toasted wood and bitter orange peel with the finish of a delicate amaro. Perfectly carbonated.

Sprezza Bianco

Dry, bubbly, and refreshing. Floral alpine palate of angelica, chamomile, elderflower, gentian and mint. Finishing on notes of bitter orange, ginger and pink grapefruit peel. Perfectly carbonated.