What's Your Pour-scope? April Edition

Humans have always looked to the stars for inspiration about what the future holds when it comes to work, romance and relationships, even money. So why can’t the stars also inspire what our glasses hold? That's the idea behind our new monthly series, “What’s Your Pour-oscope?” Each month, we’ll highlight 12 bottles to accent what is written on the stars for every sign in the zodiac. April began with the sun residing in, ushering in plenty of enthusiasm and spontaneity. “Dare to start something new,” it seemed to say. “Go boldly without fear!” However, beginning, April 19th through May 20th, the sun slides into Taurus. This is the time to take all of the enthusiasm from Aries season and hone it to a fine edge; slow down in order to make space to grow. We could all use a little grounding from time to time and Taurus brings much needed earth-driven energy.

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Celler Communica “La Pua” Montsant Bianco 2018

Still revved up from your time in the spotlight, don’t worry about this transition. Taurus gives you the drive and foresight to put all that energy into motion. You should be drinking something with laser focus and lively acidity to keep you refreshed and motivated. This unrefined, unfiltered red and white Garnacha blend is just the thing. Flavorful and fresh with impressive minerality this is the perfect wine to keep your enthusiasm up as you harness all that bridling potential.


Franck Balthazar Cotes-du-Rhone 2010

It’s your time to shine, Taurus. Not only is the sun in your sign but Uranus also moves into Taurus this month. Uranus drives change and originality, and its position in Taurus gives you the chance to successfully tackle challenges that may been vexing you. This month, you need a wine with drive, originality, and expressiveness, and this Cotes-du-Rhone is just what the stars have ordered. An organic blend of Syrah and Grenache is unfiltered, luxurious, elegant, and has a lot to say, Mineral-driven, the wine offers an unmistakable sense of place, along with a balanced flavors of violets, rich plum, black cherry, pepper, spice, smoke, meat, and plenty of earthy notes—just like you.


Owen Roe “Ex Umbris” 2018

Gemini, you might find yourself returning inward this month; you may find yourself wanting to enjoy the finer things in life in a more intimate setting. While it might seem counterintuitive to your sociable nature, this month you’re need a wine that is luxurious without being flashy. Ex-Umbris is full of smoky goodness, with all the fragrance, texture and flavor characteristics of great Washington State Syrah. Perfect for sipping with close friends on a cozy spring evening, or for pairing with introspective moods.


Lambrusco di Sorbara “Omaggio a Gino Friedmann”

The sun in Taurus pulls your attention to friendships and community. You love caring for others and making sure your friends know they’re your chosen family. It’s likely you’ll feel right at home in this cozy Taurus season, so much so that you may just overdo it—after all, Taurus season also conjures your stubborn streak. All that caring can leave you feeling a little burned out or drained. Be sure to carve out space to see to your own needs and energy. This month, a delicate and soulful, yet crowd-pleasing Lambrusco is just what the stars ordered. This brut rosé bubbly, made from Lambrusco di Sorbara, is dedicated to the memory of Gino Friedmann, an Italian Jew who helped rescue dozens of children during WWII before turning his attention to growing and making Lambrusco. The wine opens with stunning notes of white pear, pink and purple flowers, that blossom into ripe raspberry and cherry. Crisp and subtle on the palate, this bubbly is pure satisfaction with a good heart.


Hunky Dory “Tangle” White Blend 2020

Leo, you might have a tough time in the beginning of Taurus season. As an outgoing fire sign, you often feel restricted and out of sorts when everything around you says to slow down. It’s important to remember not to push too hard against this energy, you’ll only end up tiring yourself out and maybe even making a few decisions you’ll live to regret. Take this time to nurture yourself and your relationships. It's okay to have a little stability. You might even enjoy the calm. This month, the stars invite you to kick back with this organic blend of Gruner Veltliner Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Riesling, named after a fishing boat, built by New Zealand winemaker Mike Alla. Featuring a stunning nose of honeysuckle and jasmine alongside notes of pear, apple, and lime, this easy drinking white is full of flavor and ease. Sublime and perfect for sunny days, spicy fare and mellowing out under the stars.


VRAC IGP Mediteranee Rosé 2020

Virgo, you might struggle a little bit in Taurus season. You are prone to viewing this time of rest and reflection as laziness within yourself, and there's nothing you hate more than that. Use your downtime to plan the perfect itinerary and set of social activities to keep you feeling fulfilled and busy. You need a wine that can travel easily and keep up with any adventures you might have in store. A longtime Wine & Spirits fave, VRAC rosé is the perfect partner for you. Don’t let the box scare you, this is a classic Provence rosé that delivers a classic, textured notes of mouthwatering strawberry, crisp acidity and dry minerality.


Domaine de Coyeux “Les Cavares” Beaumes de Venise 2007

Libra, you’re known for your ironclad willpower, and while that’s usually a good thing, it can sometimes lead to stubborn behavior. Taurus is a fixed earth sign with its own perspective on doing things. This astrological combo can leave you feeling indignant and moody, especially before April 30 th . You have permission to do whatever makes you happy, so take it easy on yourself and find your happiness wherever you can, whether it’s in simple pleasures, such as treating yourself to your favorite pricey coffee drink, or starting that pet project you’ve been putting off for a long time. This month, you’ll need a wine that feels like a warm, encouraging hug. This dry Beaumes de Venise from Domaine de Coyeux was made for comfort. Harvested during the extraordinary 2007 vintage, the wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre, aged in steel for 7 years before spending 9 months in wood, resulting in notes of red and black fruit, white pepper, licorice and a smooth, supple texture.


Domaine Bulliat, Bulliat Morgon Cotes de Py 2018

The sun moving into Taurus means these next few weeks are all about relationships for you, Scorpio. Romantic relationships, friendships, co-workers, all of it. You naturally feel intensely about the relationships in your life and it’s a good idea to use not only the sun’s influence in Taurus, but also Venus’ influence—which draws attention to emotional or sensual connections—to take stock of those relationships, and work on them as needed. Which unions nurture your spirit? Which ones hurt? Despite your claws, deep down you crave intimacy, and this month you need a wine that is made for the long, late-night conversations that remind you why you cherish the people you do. This Morgon opens with Venus-inflected softness, fresh flavors of ripe red and black fruit, framed by a warm and satisfying finish that invites sip after sip.


Barista Pinotage 2017

If you’ve been feeling unsure of yourself, Taurus season will help get you back on track. Though you’re a fire sign like Aries, you can feel a little overwhelmed by the admittedly manic energy of the season, so this transition will have you feeling much more grounded, especially when it comes to work. While you’re known for not always having the most, ahem…realistic goals, the sun in Taurus will help you put your plans into action in a much more directed way than all that fiery energy of Aries. Whittle your ideas down into compact plans so they can be achieved. You need a wine that’s as motivated as you are, full and lush while still light on its feet. The Barista Pinotage is an example of a modern coffee-style Pinotage, so called for intense aromas & flavors of roasted beans. Barista is full and generous, with rich espresso and cocoa notes accented by ripe plum, mulberry and cherry fruit leading into a smooth, lingering finish.


Colutta “Amabilez” Friuli Bianco 2018

Capricorn, you’re right at home in Taurus season. As a fellow earth sign you, will appreciate the laid-back vibes and embrace the solar transition. Exploring your creative side is a form of self-care this month, so you’ll need a wine that is lively, refreshing, and imaginative. Amabilez is a special project from winemaker Giorgio Colutta, designed to capture the spirit of white wines from Friuli. This white blend is a beautifully crafted combination of the nervy energy of Sauvignon Blanc and the richly textured Friulano. The result is a wine that offers a complex nose of pear, golden apple, white peach, almond and white flowers that swirl and wash over the palate with an ease that belies the winemaking talent at play.


Nat Cool ‘Drink Me’ Baga 2020

Aquarius, with both the sun and Venus in Taurus it’s time for you look a little closer at your life’s foundations. This is the time to make sure everything in your house—spiritually and even financially in order. That being said. this is not the time to go without, but rather assess what’s really important to your happiness and wellbeing and invest appropriately. You’ve never been one to go with the crowd, you are starkly yourself and you need a wine that speaks to your Aquarian individuality and style. Luxurious without breaking the bank, and completely in a class of its own, Nat Cool ‘Drink Me’ Baga is produced in the Bairrada, Portugal. Light garnet in the glass, this steel-fermented, natural red is fruity with tart pomegranate and red berry notes, light spice, and a core of minerality that reflects the limestone-rich terroir. It is an incredibly versatile –and reasonably priced—partner for just about any activity. All you need for a successful pairing is a glass and friends. Sip, don’t spend, richly.


Jean-Claude Chanudet “La Cuvée du Chat” 2019

Pisces, the next few weeks are all about communication for you. With Uranus moving into Taurus you’ll find that you’ll be seeking closure on a few things that have been bugging you. Uranus influences cooperation, friendships, and transformation, so this is an excellent opportunity for you. You will notice your phone ringing off the hook so be careful not to over-commit yourself as you put your whole heart into your friendships. While you’ll get lots of positive affirmations from all those one-on-one’s your scheduling, remember to take time to communicate openly with yourself as well. You need a wine that's light and invigorating but exudes positivity as this transition is ultimately a joyous one for you. You need Jean-Claude Chanudet’s Cuvée du Chat is the perfect wine to share or sip solo. Made from 100% biodynamically farmed Gamay, the wine is filled with snappy red cherry notes, subtle baking spice, and intriguing garrigue, balanced by fresh acidity. Sip it room temperature or chilled and let the good times roll.