Un Cinco Sabroso: Cinco De Mayo Feasting

In plenty of parts of the US, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated a lot like St. Patrick’s Day—less about the culture, more about the drinking, and commonly mistaken for Mexican Independence Day. The truth is that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. “I knew that,” you might be thinking, but did you know that the Mexican victory was over the French, who at the time were using their position in Mexico to support the Confederate Army during the American Civil War? Just a year after that victory, Americans in Southern California celebrated the 5th of May in solidarity with Mexico, and the celebration has only gained more traction since. You can lift a glass—or bottle, or can—in your own solidarity this Cinco, which falls on Wednesday this year, and put it together with our Head Chef’s newest dishes, prepared just in time for the holiday. 

Gearing up for Cinco starting Monday, May 3, we’re serving up plenty of our famous House Made Guacamole, as well as Pico de Gallo, and we’re even bringing back our Salsa Verde! With any luck, there’ll be enough to go around for both in-store shoppers and home delivery. (You’re on your own for chips, but luckily, we’ve got plenty of amazing options.)

Of course, we can’t subsist on chips and dip alone, as much as it feels that way after we’ve devoured an entire family-size bag of tortilla chips while scraping the sides of the guacamole container. For that, our Head Chef is plating up Chicken Mole Enchiladas and hearty Chiles Rellenos, and you’ll find those ready to grab and reheat among all our other Greene Bowls. Thanks to how quickly our Greene Bowl menu changes, you won’t find it available online for delivery, but you can always reach out to us at hello@greenegrape.com to ask about our daily Greene Bowls and add them to your same-day delivery order!