What's Love Got to Do with It?

Valentine’s Day can be a little isolating if you’re not one for ostentatious displays of affection. Let’s be real―there are lots of loves―and kinds of love, that bear celebrating. We’ve got wine for that, and for everyone else in your life who deserves a little love. We’ve even got wines for you to celebrate your damn self.

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Pure Self-indulgence

First up on the list is the ultimate “treat yo’self” dessert wine: Trentadue’s Chocolate Amore is an opulent port-style wine made from Merlot grapes just begging to be paired with a decadent dessert. Aged for 12 months in neutral European oak when aging is complete a small amount of natural chocolate extract is infused making a rich yet perfectly balanced wine that neither overwhelms nor underperforms. A perfectly delicious dessert in its own right, Chocolate Amore also pairs well chilled and draped over vanilla ice cream. Go ahead and indulge yourself, there's no such thing as loving yourself too much when it comes to dessert.                        

Friends, Naturally

Next up is the ultimate sipper to share, Weszeli’s We Love Pet Nat Rosé. A natural Rosé pet nat from Austria like no other this biodynamic sparkler is brimming with personality. Unfiltered, full of red fruity goodness complemented by stunning minerality, with a lasting and powerful finish. We like to think this wine reflects everything a good friendship should be, dynamic, a little bit sweet, a little bit funky and 100% authentic. Perfect to share with friends over light apps and sparkling conversation.

Romantic Night In

While our Pet Nat might be the queen of casual if you’re looking for an elegant evening out on the town Nebbiolo is your girl. New to our shelves, Rivetto Langhe Nebbiolo is biodynamic and a major steal for this renowned grape and region. Classic, warm and inviting, this is the perfect wine to sip on for intimate evenings by candlelight. Whether you’re treating your parents to a fancy dinner, preparing a home-cooked meal for some friends, or just keeping it classy at home, this is our go-to wine to add little elegance to any occasion. The wine opens with a wonderful bouquet of wild cherry, crushed rose, and candied licorice leading into soft tannins and a velvety mouthfeel. Who says you can’t make your own romance?

Uniquely Yours

If the pandemic is keeping you in the house but you still want to share the love - we’ve got wine for that! This beautiful beautiful Blaufrankisch comes from the New York's Finger Lakes region, where cool summers and long winters foster stunning light-bodied reds. Effortlessly drinkable, aromatic, and fresh this wine opens with a bouquet of violets, red plums, and dried thyme. The palate is rounded with bright cranberry and pomegranate notes coupled with a lasting acidity and delicate tannins. Thus unique Empire State sipper is bound to enchant and entice anyone lucky enough to receive it. 

The (Black) Cherry On Top

Another New York favorite, Split Spirits NY uses local, sustainably sourced rye and wood for their exceptional small batch spirits. Finished in black cherry wood, this whiskey is beautifully crafted bottle is beautifully designed, with minimalist grace and a piece of black cherry wood, allowing you to really feel the land that bore it. Excellent on its own over ice or for a transcended old fashioned, expect notes of plum, pipe tobacco, and dark chocolate to warm the heart of just about anyone.