'Za 'Za Flavor: Wines for Pizza & Pasta

It’s halfway through October and we haven’t talked about the most important festivities this month has to offer. No, not Halloween! We’re talking about National Pizza Month and National Pasta Month. Move over Batman and Robin―is there a more dynamic duo? We think not. Here’s our guide on what to drink when you’re gloriously carbo-loading.

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Dollar Slice

Perhaps the most classic pizza to date ― the infamous, the beloved, the Dollar Slice. Just because you’re keeping it casual with a slice, (or two or three, no judgements), doesn’t mean you have to abandon all gourmet aspirations. Think of it this way, you’re saving money on food costs so you can allocate it to your wine needs. Nothing pairs more seamlessly with a hot slice than a coolly rustic Tuscan red. Try Ziobaffa Toscana Rosso. A blend of Sangiovese and Merlot, this wine offers dark fruit up front leaning into nice smooth tannins and a long earthy slightly spiced finish this is an incredibly drinkable wine that seems as if it were made to pair with ‘za! Did we mention it’s 100% organic, bottled and labeled with bio-safe material? Guilt free deliciousness, coming right up.

Buffalo Chicken

Feeling fancy and feisty? The ever-coveted Buffalo Chicken Slice, salty, spicy, and savory, meaty pizzas hold a high standard for what wines can keep up with them let alone compliment them. Fortunately we’ve got just the ticket. Try the Alex Cooper Project, a bold and juicy Zinfandel and Petit Sirah blend from Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma. This wine has mind blowing fruit and bold presence combined with earth and leather notes all rolling into a smooth but satisfyingly rich finish. 

Veggie lovers you’re in luck, opt for a spicy-herby meat substitute and Alex Cooper will blend beautifully, picking up on and elaborating all that good spice.

Seafood Pasta

Another classic dish ― seafood pasta ―  what's not to love? We’re talking mussels, clams, shrimp, and a nice hefty portion of linguine (or whatever your pasta of choice we’re not judging). Pair with the lovely Quinto Couselo Albarino which has a savory salinity that will sing with any seafood combination. Hailing from northern Spain (Galicia), this wine benefits from its proximity to the Atlantic coastline which imparts that oceanic minerality that is this wine’s hallmark. Young, bright and fresh, it’s balanced enough to stand up to some buttery pasta without sacrificing citrus and minerality. 

Gluten Free Pasta

Everybody knows what to load on their favorite pasta (and we support you in this endeavor 100%) But what about those trying to curb their carbs? What the heck do you drink with gluten-free pasta? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Another Tuscan favorite: Chianti. Fattoria Lavacchio Puro Chianti is a little lighter bodied without sacrificing any flavor. Dark berries, thyme and spice are all going to lend themselves expertly to the nuttier flavor of chickpea, brown rice, or even red lentil pasta. The texture of gluten-free pasta is often best served a little al-dente and the lushness of this wine compliments perfectly. Puro is 100% organic with no added sulfites to interfere with your #healthgoals.


Italian’s not your thing? Fuhgeddaboudit! What about noodles? Whether you're into sweet, spicy or some combination of the two, we’ve got a wine for you. Oh, and since Asian food is such a delivery favorite why not go for West + Wilder’s canned Chenin Blanc. If you’re eating on the go, dining in the park, or just having a solid stoop hang this fresh white will go well with aromatic noodle dishes from pad see ew to homemade vegetable udon. This Chenin Blanc comes from Yakima Valley, Washington, it’s supremely refreshing with zippy acidity and nice floral notes. While you're enjoying the great outdoors with this grab n go wine it’s worthwhile to note West + Wilder donates a portion of sales to the preservation of wild public spaces. Win-win!