Brews For The People: American Craft Beer Week Pt 2

This may be the 15th anniversary of American Craft Beer Week—a celebration of all the small breweries in the USA—but this year the cheers will be louder than ever. Bars, taprooms and breweries were hit as hard as any part of the food and beverage industry during 2020, and we think their tenacity, as much as their creativity and skill, is worth championing. Last time, Beer Buyer Brian Cullen kicked off the festivities with four beer recommendations. This time, he’s back with four more!

Proclamation Insignificance

Proclamation have been putting out fantastic pale ales and IPAs for years now, and they just brewed a fresh batch of one of my favorites. This massively hopped 10% triple IPA is shockingly mellow and easy on the palate. With plenty of juicy, fruity flavor, this is truly one of Proclamation's best. 

Fat Orange Cat Double Walkabout

Of course I have to shout out Fat Orange Cat on this one. While they're usually crushing the game with IPAs, this is one of their rare sour drops. This one is an imperial sour ale brewed with passion fruit, guava, and oranges. This is about as rich as sours come, and tastes like drinking straight fruit juice. 

Omnipollo Theoricus Jawbreaker

While the masterminds behind Omnipollo reside in Denmark, this is one of their beers that was brewed right here in the states. This is a 10% imperial IPA brewed with tons of crushed up jawbreakers. It is as wild as it sounds. It is crazy rich, and crazy sweet, with a hint of that boozy bitterness making its way into the finish. The folks at Omnipollo remain some of the most creative brewers out there. 

Stillwater Business

Finally, even though we are exiting stout season and entering the time of sours and seltzers, I have to throw one in here for the stout lovers. This one is a super rich 12% stout brewed with molasses and cane sugar. Low carbonation, and as rich as stouts come.