Bubblies For Your Bubble

This year has been challenging, to say the least. In many ways we’ve completely changed the way we celebrate (and let's be real, even the things we celebrate; it is in fact completely appropriate to celebrate putting on real clothes and doing your laundry). Some things never change, though, and whatever festivities you’ll be celebrating in the coming weeks, however you’ll be celebrating, you’re gonna need wine—and you'd better make it bubbly!

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There’s limitless options when it comes to sparkling wine, so here’s a little refresher course on what you’ll likely run into in your local bubbly section. 

Champagne can only come from the region of Champagne in north-eastern France and is usually made with chardonnay, pinot noir and/or meunier.

Cava comes from Spain and although it can also use chardonnay and Pinot Noir like champagne - it doesn’t have to! Often you’ll see cave using native grapes which deserve just as much love

Prosecco comes from the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy and always mostly consists of a grape called glera. Most Prosecco is made in such a way that you want to drink it early, as opposed to Champagne which can have some serious cellaring potential

Cremant comes from any of several parts of France,  some of the more common regions being Limoux, Loire and Burgundy. Still made in the traditional method (like Champagne) this wine can use more varieties of grapes. You’ll often get a creamy nuttier flavor from a Cremant. 

Rose You’re probably familiar with Rose but sparkling Rose is a whole new level! It can come from most anyplace and has tons of variety, but it’s always delicious. 

PSA: Sparkling wine is just the umbrella term that encompasses any wine with bubbles. Even champagne is a ‘sparkling wine’ but, importantly, not all sparkling wines are champagne.

Now that you’ve brushed up on terminology, it’s time for the actual wines. In the spirit of the season, we’ve picked our favorite bubblies off the shelf so you too can spread holiday cheer wherever you go! 


Herbert Beaufort | Bouzy Blanc de Noir Grand Cru NV

Bouzy is one of the most renowned regions in Champagne, amidst the mountain slopes the mineral rich soil is ideal for the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Beaufort family has been making Champagne since the 16th century and this rich history steeped in age old knowledge and tradition presents beautifully in every bottle. Sustainably farmed, crisp and refreshing, this bottle is bound to elevate any celebration. This blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay brings mouthwatering cherry blossom and apple cider notes to the fore, with hints of toasted brioche. With enough texture to accompany a meal, but crisp enough to be the perfect aperitif, this Champagne punches well above its weight for the price. A must have at your table this year!


Pares Balta | Cava Pink Brut NV

This beautiful biodynamic and organic sparkling rose is anything but ordinary. If you thought rosé was just a summer drink, think again! A blend of Garnatxa and indiginous catlan varietals (Parellada and Macabeo) that's been matured on its lees for 18 months, it has a certain richness that makes it drinkable year round. Hailing from Penedes (Catalunya, Spain) on land that's been in the family for almost 250 years, the two women in charge of the winemaking consistently produce innovative wines of unparelled excellence. Smooth bubbles, intense aromatics and a noted elegance define this cava. Expect notes of wild strawberries and raspberries that add depth to this crisp sparkling wine, that evolves into a wonderfully intense pastry finish with a touch of spice. Particularly excellent as a top off on a cocktail or as an aperitif, this wine fills the glass with a cheery energy bound to a smile on your face.


Corvezzo | Terre Di Marca

The Corvezzo family winery is located in the heart of Treviso's countryside, which is celebrated as much for its culture as its beauty. Here they produce Prosecco col fondo, the Italian term for this unfiltered, lightly sparkling, bottle-fermented wine. Made exclusively from organic grapes, this bubbly opens with scents of apple and pear blossoms and glides along the palate with a silky texture and just a touch of funk. Balanced acidity and a long finish makes this wine a great partner for sweet or savory party snacks or as a component in a cocktail.


Pierre Richard | Cremant du Jura NV

This Jura is one of the longtime favorites amongst the staff; seriously, we all adore it. The estate's roots go back to 1919, situated in the heart of the Jura; the soils are experly adapted to white wine, making an excellent value alternative to pricier blanc des blancs from Champagne. With enticing, slightly oxidative aromas of pear, citrus & toasted hazelnut and focused flavors of honeyed quince, golden apples & chalky minerality, this wine makes an excellent summer aperitif, or pairs nicely with oysters & shellfish.


Lucien Albrecht | Cremant d’Alsace Rose NV

We have two rosés on the list, but they are worlds apart. Lucien Albrecht was one of the founding fathers of the Crémant d'Alsace appellation, believing sparkling wines from this region to have a unique character found nowhere else in France. It's easy to see why with this sparkling Pinot Noir rosé, with its hints delicate red fruit, white flowers, and lush roundness on the palate. Elegant, clean and sophisticated, this rosé will add a touch of class to any soiree.