The Panettone Color of the Year: Holiday Desserts

Amid everything, most of us have somehow managed to not only write a coherent gift list, but actually get the majority of it crossed off. This last stretch before the end of the year becomes the race to get to the bottom of that list, and oh, have we got options. Over the last month, we’ve suggested cookies, chocolate and candy (some already sold out, much to this writer’s chagrin), a high dose of maple, and even time travel. And while we’re all working to find the perfect tokens of friendship and affection for all our loved ones, it’s finally time to focus on what matters. 


The more serious answer is finding safe and meaningful ways to connect with each other during the holiday season, no matter what we celebrate. You could even make an argument that it’s the holiday dinner spread, given how much planning can go into a menu whether it’s for two or twenty. (Maybe try to lean toward two.) But after such a bitter year, we all deserve some sweetness. 

Sullivan Street Bakery

Sullivan Street makes some of our longstanding favorite breads, so it might seem strange to feature them in a list of desserts, but we believe bread and dessert can be one and the same. So does the entire country of Italy, apparently, all the way back to the 15th century! Sullivan Street’s panettone—in Chocolate or Classic Citron—is a testament to that perfect crux of airy bread and decadent sweetness. Each loaf is naturally leavened, and takes days to rise, resulting in a loaf that’s all too easy to devour. This is the ultimate seasonal item, only being sold at Provisions this week, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy this incredible holiday treat! 

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

There’s not much to say here that hasn’t already been said about our favorite purveyor of pies. Sisters Melissa Elsen and Emily Elsen have been making pies in Gowanus for over ten years now, working with seasonal and local produce to create something truly special. This week, you can pick up their classic Salted Caramel Apple Pie or Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie in an 8” size that’s just right for a small gathering. 


It’s a little early, but we’re too excited not to announce that Ronnybrook’s famous eggnog is now here at Provisions! Available in-store just in time for Christmas, this yuletide tradition is at its best when made by New York State’s most famous dairy farm. Their non-homogenized creamline milk is the perfect base for a frothy, rich eggnog. It’s deliciously drinkable on its own, but is just as happy to pair up with your favorite bourbon or rum. It’s even Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s favorite eggnog